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The knowledge that circulates through the streets (2)

The knowledge that circulates through the streets (2)

The Old Warrior used to say: Who does not communicate if trumbica; and said also on TV nothing is created, and everything is copied. An allusion to the words of Lavoisier (1743-1794), who said: In nature nothing is created. Nothing is lost, and everything changes. Abelardo Barbosa had everything and was not prose. Get-together borrowed a theorem of science, and led to communication.

The communication this everywhere. Every place and every look can generate information, and produce new knowledge. Recorded and written information on floors and walls. Vertical and horizontal looks provide transversal knowledge. The information comes through the senses. A sky that can announce a change in the weather for the next few hours. A gust of feeling of cold or heat, may indicate a change in temperature.

The sensory information reaches the senses of the human body and by the apparatus designed for the same human. The information comes via computers, radios, TV and etc .. In the streets are also various information. A graphite or a graffiti has information, and a yellow line painted on the ground, marking and delimiting spaces, such as tactile cue tracks.

Caveman leave in search of food. With the great European voyages left in search of spices. The regional tourism offers its visitors typical food of their region. Try a typical dish can be the first physical and organic contact with the culture of a region. Food and information go parallel in history and knowledge. For food and spices was necessary information and knowledge. The first and minor incursions generate the first knowledge.

Abelardo Barbosa better known as get-together, had the habit of distributing food to the public and trophies to the participants, who could also be food. With pineapple and cod, pleased audiences and viewers. Sponsored by a supermarket chain that today is no more, wore a top hat and on his chest a great record the telephone dial, reminding old phones. And carried a horn hanging on the neck, served to disapprove freshmen in your program.

Horn an instrument and a symbol of small traders, who took or take goods tricycles or small carts through the streets, and from door to door, triggering the horn to attract customers. Small traders such as bakers, ice cream shops, pipoqueiros, fishmongers, greengrocers and other "eiros". Each street trader can use a sound, that with time and the recognition will attract the customers.

Pipoqueiros can use besides horns and their voices can also use the aroma of popcorn during the preparation process of your merchandise, as dissemination strategy. The manufacture of food products in public spaces messes with spoons and aromas, smell signaling to taste.

Get-together made associations between the goods and communication, giving opportunities to authors and singers, and the freshmen too, present their opinions in their voices and their songs. Them that in his program had had an opportunity to present their products, such as their imaginations used in his compositions, combined with his knowledge. And having their voices as instruments.

Since ancient times, man had a need to communicate. The biblical text already shows several times a man's communication with God. Communication between heaven and earth. And sometimes silent communication, reaching cries to the heavens. Today we see and observe churches and religions. A with silent prayers, and others with a great cry, remembering torrential rain, thunder and lightning. In addition to communication with God man had the need to communicate with other men, and even animals. People with other addresses, installed in other villages in other cities, other countries and other continents.

The answers always came from the sky. Today man continues his relentless quest to discover life on other planets in search of new planetary neighbors. Just as God could send responses, coming from the sky, many answers are now stored in the clouds, and there may be the answers to a question or request. When the Portuguese faced the seas, can be seen in the sky a coincidence, joining two crosses: the tips of the masts of their ships with the constellation of the Southern Cross.

We continue after coming from the sky answers. We live in search of new sidereal discoveries, so we can one day communicate with the new neighbors. Neighbors with which it can be possible to exchange information, exchange needs and negotiate. As the trade of takeoffs and landings. As ships and planes negotiate your next scales, for some same reasons: supplies and maintenance; and for loading and unloading of goods and passengers. Ships and aircraft circulating in waterways and airways, with rules and obeying navigation criteria, air, sea or inland. We may soon have to establish routes and rules for sidereal travel.

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BR/BRA Palavras chaves: informação, conhecimento, comunicação. Komunikologia.
DE/DEU Suchbegriffe: Information, Wissen, Kommunikation. Kommunikologie.
ES/ESP Palabras clave: la información, el conocimiento, la comunicación. Kommunikologie.
FR/FRA Mots-clés: information, la connaissance, la communication. Kommunikologie.
IT/ITA Parole chiave: informazioni, la conoscenza, la comunicazione. Kommunikologie.
US/USA Keywords: information, knowledge, communication. Kommunikologie.

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